We support our customers in business development, to

  • ensure legal security
    EXAMON acts as European contractual partner to comply with the EU Anti Corruption Policy (code of conduct)
  • provide long lasting know-how in
    order processing
    logistics and shipments according to GDP
    export operations, formalities and documentation
  • guarantee financial security
    payment security to European suppliers (rating A2 by D&B)
    tailor-made financing models (e.g. letter of credit)
  • adapt to new regulations and political changes
    adjustment of the business model based on new regulations
    close communication and cooperation with our local partners
    up to date inside knowledge based on long-lasting contacts


Our vision is to

  • become your preferred service provider for the Emerging Markets
  • establish trustful partnerships based on respect, fairness and transparency
  • develop and expand your business with a close network of local partners
  • help realizing your potential in a non standard environment


EXAMON is focusing on the following core values

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships

We share information and conduct open dialogues with all stakeholders

We seek for the best solution and adapt to new regulations and political changes