Rougine Tolid

is currently in pre-operation stage and is going to be engaged in manufacturing of different medicines in conventional oral solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules) & oral liquid dosage forms. The factory with a size of more than ​​28,000 m² is located in the Northern part of Saveh, Kaveh Special Economic Zone. The factory has been designed on the basis of international principles of GMP. Most of the project’s civil works have been completed and the production is estimated to be commenced in mid-2019.

Rougine Tolid’s mission is to become one of the Group’s most valued companies with regards to its relationship with patients, customers, employees, investors, business partners and local communities. We want to become the top selling manufacturing company in the country within the next 10 years. Rougine Tolid’s vision is to manufacture first-class products with supreme quality and bring them to the lives of local and international patients aiming at a significant increase in their quality of life.