Rougine Pharmed

as a new branded healthcare company with strong scientific support of its partners (Rougine Darou and Rougine Tolid) was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Tehran. Rougine Pharmed offers a line of food supplements and vitamins to meet growing consumers’ needs. As a patient-focused and innovation-driven pharmaceutical company, the network of Rougine Pharmed consists of highly experienced human resources and is ranked among the leading supplements providing companies in Iran. Rougine Pharmed, as the first Iranian Pharmaceutical Company, has acquired an international trademark, namely Sanostol brand and trademark ( from Takeda for the territories of Iran and some other countries in the region. Sanostol has a respectable reputation in Iran through more than six decades of presence in the local market. Rougine Pharmed is committed to promote Sanostol in the region through improving people’s health, meeting their growing needs and developing a strong promise to the highest ethical standards and relationship with the society.